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Construction Management includes planning, coordination, and construction efforts from the beginning of our customers’ projects through successful completion. Our proven experience makes us your ideal partner for efficient, accurate, thorough, and diligent oversight and highest quality results available.


Cole Group LLC thrives in selecting project participants, procuring materials and equipment, and coordinating and overseeing each aspect of the project. We maintain relationships with the best architects, engineers, estimators, subcontractors, and suppliers, and we specialize in meeting our customers’ requirements in all facets and at every stage of our construction ventures. Our ability to tailor our construction management services to meet the specific demands of each project and each customer has led to the achievement of excellent through the years.

  • Construction Management Overall Plan

  • Master Project Schedule

  • Project Budget – Schematic & DDs

  • Cost Management Policy & Procedures

  • CM Design & Scope Coordination and Value Engineering

  • Design & Scope Review and Comments

  • Cost & Budget Adjustment Analysis and Recommendations

  • Assignment of Responsibility for Team

  • Separate Contracts Strategies (Multi-Prime Contracting)

  • Monthly Reports

  • Coordination of Relocation of Owner Property

  • Professional Consultants Scopes and Recommendations

  • Structural Facilities Development & Management

  • Neighborhood Outreach and ANC Strategies

  • BZA Strategies and Implementation

  • Preconstruction Budgeting and Accounting

  • Interior Design and Outsell Strategy for End Users

  • GBR or LEED Management of Design Documentation

  • Bidding Strategy & Procedures

  • Public Relations and Activities

  • Generate Bidder Interest

  • Bid Advertisements

  • Prepare and Expedite Bid Documents Delivery

  • Pre-Bid Conference(s)

  • Coordination and Inquiries Communications (RFI management etc.)

  • Addenda Review

  • Scope of Work Development per Trade

  • Bidding of Work

  • Bid Evaluation

  • Rebidding

  • Owner Purchased, delivery and Storage of Materials and Equipment Strategy & Analysis

  • Analysis of Labor, Crews and Sub Qualifications & Availability

  • Owner Prime Contract Review and Drafting

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